Health Cash Plan

We're committed to providing you with great benefits in partnership with Westfield Health

Our Health Cash Plan* not only provides you with peace of mind but gives you access to medical services when you and your family need it, including:

  • Reclaiming money you've spent on your health bills including optical, dental, chiropody, consultation and therapy treatment.
  • Speedy access to medical diagnostics.
  • DoctorLine for advice from qualified and practising GPs. 
  • Best Doctors who provide alternative assessments and second opinions.
  • Health Club concessions.
  • Access to Rewards scheme (Please click here)

View your entitlement here

Dependent children are also covered and there's the option to upgrade your cover and/or add your partner to the Health Cash Plan, at your own cost.

*You'll automatically be enrolled once you've been with us for 6-months.